Your Gateway To Peace Of Mind

ATZO Cloud is a backup software offered as a service that automates data backup to a secure cloud storage for small and medium businesses to larger enterprises.

Our backup software combines an easy to use interface with powerful functionalities. We take care of the backup management and monitoring so you can take care of what’s more important to you and your business.

With ATZO Cloud your backup and disaster recovery plan will be simple and reliable, giving you peace of mind.


What people say?

“I was searching for a backup solution, ideally with a Malaysian company so I can contact them easily if I had to. I ended up selecting Atzo Cloud because I could try the product for 21 days free and without obligation, backing up my data at a time I select on a daily basis, direct to the cloud, and enabling me to restore individual files or whole folders on request to either my existing laptop or to another or new computer at a price that is well within my budget”
- Andy E
"After subscribing to ATZO Cloud, we are happy that we can backup on a daily basis at the time of our choosing, direct to the cloud. We can restore individual files or whole folders on the same computer or another computer or to a new computer. We are also happy that no technical skill is required to set up ATZO Cloud. This saves us a lot of time and costs." 
- Sepakat Sejati Sdn Bhd

Can Business Afford To Lose Data?

Would it affect your business if your reputation and customer's trust is at stake?
How much is it going to cost you and your company when you have downtime resulting from unplanned system disruption or data loss?
Would a stolen endpoint such as your company laptop with crucial information be detrimental to your organization?

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