Basic Features

Securely store, sync and share your files, documents and folders (regardless of size)

The ability to store, sync, and share any files, documents and folders either with a click of a link that can be sent via email or by permission settings. This will help increase productivity for businesses and users. In addition, there is also bank-level encryption capabilities to protect emails in transit and at rest.

Seamless Accessibility To All Your Data

Forget about having different access for different storages that houses different data. Atzo Share provides a single secure platform to access all of your company’s data, regardless of environment or types of endpoints (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac) and the ability to control these accessibilities by blacklisting or whitelisting types of endpoints that is in accordance with a company’s policy.

Ease Of Collaboration

Collaboration has never been easier with ATZO Share! Users are able to check in/out a document to ensure any changes made is reflected to all other users that are in collaboration. Not only that, users are able to revert back to previous versions of the document while collaborating by using the version feature.